Your-Way Shipment Tracking

NEMF provides the capability for our customers to access our web site directly via a URL. The URL can be used in a customer’s home grown script to access real time tracing information on up to 10 pros at a time in either the HTML format or XML format.

Multiple URL strings may be passed; therefore, if 100 pros require tracing, then 10 strings with 10 pros each would be required to trace 100 pros.

  • Up to 10 pros may be entered.
  • If more than 10 pros are entered, only the first 10 will be processed.
To view the status of up to 10 pros, use the following URL format:

NOTE: The following url is an example, only. Copy the URL into your web browser’s Address and replace #’s with an actual pro #, and X’s with output type. See instructions below:


  1. Replace ######## with an actual pro number.

    Example where 1 pro is requested:
    Example where 2 pros are requested:

  2. Replace XXX with either htm or xml

    Example: &Output=htm for HTML format — or — &Output=xml for XML format

&Output=htm will be displayed in html format:


&Output=xml will be displayed in xml format:


Tracing Status Codes and Definitions

Code Description Code Description
APT Appointment ARV Pro Arrived
CAS Consignee Accepted Service CLO Pro Manifested
CLS Manifested to Puerto Rico CR Hold for Credit
CST Held at Customs DEL Delivered
DK Freight on Dock DSP Pro Dispatched
LD Freight Loaded on Trailer OFD Out for Delivery
ONH Freight on Hand PND Pending Tax Clearance
PRT Partial Refusal PU Freight Picked Up
RCN Reconsigned RDL Redelivered to Consignee
REF Refused RET Returned
RTS Returned to Shipper WCD Waiting City Delivery
UNL Unloading ARC Arrived at Customer Location
AOG Act of God CAS Consignee Accepted Service
RUR Rural Delivery WEA Severe Weather Delay
DBP Delivered by Partner
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