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The Shevell Group, NEMF and Eastern Freightways Honors 2017 Award Recipients

The company is proud to announce its Annual Award winners.  Each and every day we have thousands of great people who work to insure our success and each year we take the time to recognize a few individuals who went above and beyond in performing their duties.

The following is the list of outstanding workers who were recognized from the Shevell Group of Companies.

Paul Mcnamara in in our Maintenance department has been honored as the 2017 winner of the Arlene Shevell Award.  This award is given annually to the worker who exemplifies the highest level of dedication and contribution within the Shevell Group.  Paul has been a member of the NEMF team since October of 1983.  He began his career as a night shift mechanic doing tractor PM’s in our Elizabeth terminal.  Paul then moved to the day shift handling fork lift repairs and maintenance.  Several years later Paul relocated to our South Plainfield terminal where he now has oversight of the company’s entire fleet of 450+ fork lifts. Paul works closely with our vendors on new equipment purchasing and parts procurement to drive out cost.  He leads a skilled group of forklift mechanics.  Paul and his team have done a great job assisting W&I Manager Tim Stealy in maintaining the fork lift scales for our weights and inspection group. Congratulations on a job well done Paul!

Bob Conlon has been named the recipient of the Jon Shevell Memorial Award for 2017 for best overall sales performance and growth among the Shevell Group of Companies. Bob joined NEMF as Account Executive at the Philadelphia Terminal in January of 2017.  This past year, Bob increased his local revenue by over $300,000. He consistently makes the Regional top 3 monthly in local revenue growth.  He posted a 62% improvement in growth to the Puerto Rico lane and he’s the top performer in the Southeast partnership market. Bob’s contribution to his terminal and the company is proven by his numbers. More importantly, Bob exhibits the drive to work with others, supports his local terminal by assisting in operations and continues to exhibit a strong positive approach to everything he does for NEMF.  Congratulations Bob!

Al Nelson of the Williamsport Terminal has been named the recipient of the 2017 Paul Danzak Sales Award for most improved Account Executive.  The award is presented annually to the Account Executive who achieves the greatest local sales growth over the previous year. Al joined NEMF in 2016. This past year, his local revenue grew 62% by $317,000, achieving total local revenue of more than $800,000. This is excellent growth in what is a very small market.  Al has also achieved his performance targets every quarter in 2017 and he leads his region in shipments to the Oak Harbor market.  Congratulations Al for having an outstanding year and being named NEMF’s most improved Account Executive.

The 2017 winner of the Mark Jensen Award is Donna Spinelli who works in our pricing department.  This award is presented annually to the worker who demonstrates administrative and management excellence. Donna was hired in 2009 at our Elkton Maryland terminal as a part time biller where she excelled in her role.  She was subsequently assigned to driver check in where she assisted with closing trailers and dispatching of Linehaul drivers.  Her paperwork and discipline to process was meticulous.   After a short period of time Donna was promoted to Regional Billing Supervisor.  In 2015 she relocated to the Elizabeth terminal where she was tasked with managing update queues and supporting the credit department.  Donna recovers a significant amount of money through her efforts in applying accessorial charges for some of the company’s largest accounts.  Thank you for your effort Donna and congratulations!

The Shevell Group of Companies is pleased to announce that Mitch Bookbinder has been named the recipient of the 2017 National Accounts Sales Award.  Mitch earned this award for both his overall revenue growth from existing accounts combined with his tenacity in obtaining multiple rate increases from many flatbed shippers during 2017.  Mitch kept his finger on the pulse of what the flatbed market was doing and seized the opportunity.  After several years in the flatbed business, Mitch joined Eastern Freight ways in February of 2010. While his initial focus was on dry vans, Mitch began selling Eastern flatbed service in July 2010 with just one driver on board.  By the end of 2017 Eastern Freight Ways has become one of the elite providers in the Northeast flatbed market.  Eastern continues to evolve with the changing market and handles driver shortage challenges largely due to the efforts of Mitch and his recruiting TEAM!

Eastern Freight Ways is pleased to announce that Bill Tolentino has been named their “Most Valuable Player” for 2017.

Bill joined Eastern Freight Ways in January of 2014 after retiring as a correctional officer.  Bill’s leadership skills and management style has earned him the respect of his peers as well as the entire fleet of drivers. Bills ability to deal with a large group of drivers with less than 1 year of experience and walk them through any scenario is second to none! Every driver in the Eastern Fleet knows that Bill is willing to assist and will explain with a level of detail that makes it easy to understand. Bill is considered to be “Driver Friendly” and is involved with the operation 24/7!  Bill is a major part of the success of Eastern Freight ways.

Craig Eisenberg, Kevin McGuire and the entire Eastern team congratulate Bill on his accomplishments.

Todd Shapiro of our Cleveland terminal is this year’s Freight Operations Supervisor of the year award winner. The award is presented in honor of our late VP of Operations, Gary Piscal who was an outstanding operator and a truly dedicated worker.  Todd began his career at NEMF in Dec 2009 as a Part time dock worker at our Allentown facility.  He was quickly promoted to Supervisor in July 2010 where he worked the inbound operation and assisted wherever else he was needed. In 2012 he moved into the role of Dispatcher and remained there until June 2015 when he and his family relocated to Ohio. The move was perfect timing for NEMF as Cleveland was in need of a supervisor for their growing break bulk operation. Todd was an instrumental part of the smooth transition of Cleveland becoming a significant Break terminal for NEMF. Todd has also assisted in training new hires for their shifts and his dedication to NEMF was an instrumental part of the success that the Cleveland terminal has achieved.  Well done Todd, congratulations!

The NEMF terminal in Springfield, Mass., under the leadership of Terminal Manager Mike Rizzo and Region Manager Paul Dubiel has been named Terminal of the Year for 2017. The selection process is never easy and it came down to three terminals which included Rochester, NY and Williamsport, PA along with our winner.  Springfield is consistently among the company leaders in on time service. Through the course of 2017 the terminal demonstrated the true meaning of team work by taking on additional zip codes and service territory from surround terminals. They flawlessly handled a significant new piece of business in Yankee Candle and performed well throughout the spikes it created for them. The terminal had excellent dock production with outbound PPMH at 9480 which was up 2% vs.2016. Springfield’s P&D overtime for the terminal fell by 6.2% vs. the prior year. The handling of our customer’s freight was good all year based on the processes in place that kept the claims ratio at a respectable 0.70%. Mike and his team of supervisors, clerical staff, drivers, dockworkers and maintenance staff should all be commended for a job well done.

Recipients will be presented with an engraved crystal plaque recognizing their accomplishments.  Please join our Chairman Myron “Mike” Shevell and our entire management team in congratulating all of our award winners.

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