POD/BOL Your-Way Imaging

NEMF provides the capability for our customers to access POD & BOL images directly via a URL. The URL can be used in a customer’s computer environment to retrieve images real time in the TIF format.

  • 1 pro and 1 document may be requested per string.
To retrieve an image document, use the following URL format:

NOTE: The following URL is an example, only. Copy the URL into your web browser’s address bar or program object for integration with an internal application and replace #’s with an actual pro # (must be 8 digits), and DOC= (BOL or DEL) and TYP= TIF. See instructions below:


  • Replace DOC with either BOL for bill of lading or DEL for delivery receipt.
  • Replace TYP with TIF for TIF formatted image. You must have TIF viewer capabilities to view the image.
  • Replace ######## with an actual pro number.

Example where 1 pro is requested & document type = delivery receipt & image format = TIF:

Example where 1 pro is requested & document type requested = bill of lading & image format = TIF:

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