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NEMF and Eastern Freightways Honors 2014 Award Recipients

The company is proud to announce its 2014 Annual Award winners. The following is the list of outstanding workers who were recognized from the Shevell Group of Companies.

Harry Smith has been honored as the 2014 winner of the Arlene Shevell Award. This award is given annually to the worker who exemplifies the highest level of dedication and contribution within the Shevell Group. Harry joined the company in 2006 as manager of pricing after a long career at APA Transport. Harry’s responsibilities include pricing review, managing and maintaining the company’s costing software and providing analysis on bids and spot pricing. For those that know Harry, it’s not unusual to see an e-mail from him on any given day before 5 a.m. and after 5p.m. You’ll also find him behind his desk on any given weekend in an effort to stay current with his work. It’s this type of dedication and effort that makes Harry the ideal candidate for this recognition.

The 2014 winner of the Mark Jensen Award is Ana Ruela, who is based out of our company headquarters in Elizabeth, NJ. This award is presented annually to the worker who demonstrates administrative and management excellence. Ana joined the company in 1992 as a part time biller. She currently serves as our manager of corporate billing. Ana helped lead the company’s transition to a regional billing model, which resulted in improved productivity and a reduced billing error rate. She is also responsible for the oversight of three billing centers employing more than 30 billers.

We are pleased to announce that Mike Lamberth of our South Plainfield, New Jersey terminal has been named the recipient of the Jon Shevell Memorial Award for the best overall sales performance and growth among the Shevell Group of Companies. Mike joined the NEMF sales team in March of 1996. In 2014, Mike grew his sales territory by over $2 million dollars and he was consistently near the top of the company in categories that included new accounts secured, local channel growth, new pricing proposals and annual account pricing review.

Tony Corrado of the Elizabeth, NJ terminal has been named the recipient of the 2014 Paul Danzak Sales Award for most improved Account Executive. Tony was the top performer in growing his local channel revenue with improvement of nearly $700,000. He is the sales leader for the company’s Import/Export business and he was one of our top achievers in terms of new accounts secured.

NEMF is pleased to announce that John Jenkins is the recipient of the 2014 National Accounts Sales Award. John has been with NEMF since October 2010 and is based out of the Indianapolis, Indiana area. John has many years of transportation sales and operations experience. His area of responsibility includes servicing accounts in the states of Illinois, Indiana, as well as parts of Michigan and Kentucky. John had the strongest growth performance in terms of revenue, strategic markets and yield improvement in the National Accounts arena. His dedication, work ethic, teamwork and a true passion for the business have been the keys to his success.

The NEMF Hagerstown, MD terminal, under the leadership of manager John Secrist has been named Terminal of the Year for 2014. Hagerstown enjoyed an explosive growth rate of 24.2% in 2014 fueled by a number of new accounts on both the national and local level. John and his team successfully led the terminal in handling this new business while achieving double digit improvements in productivity and an operating ratio in the low 90’s. Congratulations to all of our workers at the Hagerstown terminal. This was a true team effort.

In 2013 we added a new award to recognize one of our most dedicated and hard working groups of employees, our freight operations supervisors. This years awarded is presented in honor of our late Vice President of Operations, Gary Piscal who was truly an outstanding operator and a dedicated employee of the Shevell Group of Companies. The winner of the Freight Operations Supervisor of the Year Award for 2014 is Jason Goodwill from our Chicago, IL terminal. Jason started with NEMF in February of 2007. During his tenure, he has been an integral part of the continuity and strength of the Chicago operation. Jason has been an asset in the training and development of the internal staff and he assists in continual improvement of the dock and P&D operations.

Eastern Freight Ways is pleased to announce that Claudia Healey has been named the Most Valuable Player for 2014. Claudia started her career with the Shevell Group by joining Carrier Industries in January 2001. In September 2010 Claudia accepted a transfer to Eastern Freight Ways and assumed the position of Manager of Administration. In 2014 Claudia expanded her role from overseeing payroll, billing and other office administration functions to also overseeing the administration within the operations area. Her efforts have had a dramatic effect on internal control, compliance and efficiency within the operations area.

Recipients will be presented with an engraved crystal plaque recognizing their accomplishments. Please join our Chairman Myron “Mike” Shevell and our entire management team in congratulating all of our award winners.

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