Pool Distribution

NEMF specializes in developing, implementing and operating door-to-door pool distribution programs leveraging & integrating all Shevell Group resources of Carrier Industries, Eastern Freight Ways and Apex Logistics. NEMF offers its customers the unmatched ability to control their product from origin to shelf with consistency and continuity and cost effectiveness.

Reduce Transit Times, Claims, and Costs to the Northeast

CGIO pool distribution programs allow its customers to have a uniform distribution plan in the Northeast through one single source solution. Benefits:

  • Greater Control of Cost
  • Lower Transportation Cost
  • Reduced Inventory Cost
  • Improved Transit Times
  • Increased Supply Chain Velocity
  • Less Handling of Freight (Fewer Claims)
  • Consistent, Reliable, Damage Free Service
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Most Next Day Service Points
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Sales
  • EDI/Technology

Typical Transit Times

Seattle 2767 miles / 76 hours*
San Francisco 2909 miles / 80 hours*
Los Angeles 2767 / 76 hours*
Dallas 1536 miles / 48 hours*
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*Transit times based on 55-60 mph and new hours of service rules.

Pool Distribution at a Glance

Pool Distribution is the distribution of product to numerous destination points (stores) within a particular geographic region. Characteristics include high frequency regular shipments in LTL quantities, typically in the 150 to 2,000 pound per shipment range. Pool distribution represents a superior and cost effective alternative to the high cost of LTL shipments. Instead of LTL direct, product is shipped to regional terminals in truckload quantities. There it is off loaded, sorted and segregated by store and then reloaded on local delivery trucks for delivery to pool destinations. Pool Distribution reduces transit times, maintains shipment integrity, and allows a significant discount over LTL rates.

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