Guaranteed Services

NEMF Today A.M. Guarantee

  • Guaranteed delivery by 12 noon or 2:00 pm (specific zips and states) on the standard service day, or its free!
  • No need to call ahead to arrange delivery schedule. Just write on the original BOL “Guaranteed Service” or “NT Guaranteed” (at least 1/2 inch in height.)
  • Shipment is constantly monitored with advanced tracking systems.

NEMF Today Express Services

  • Same Day Express:
    Guaranteed same day pick-up and delivery for your high priority orders, or it’s free!
  • 2 for 1 Express:
    Guaranteed next day delivery throughout NEMF’s 2 day direct service area, or it’s free!
  • Time Definite Express:
    Guaranteed to deliver by the time you specify, or it’s free!
  • Weekend/Holiday Express:
    Guaranteed Service when YOU need it

A.M. Delivery Guaranteed… Or It’s FREE!

Rules & Conditions

ITEM 1000

When a shipper or consignee requests delivery prior to the deadline of 12 Noon on the NEMF Standard LTL Service Day, such service will be performed subject to the following provisions:

  1. Shipper must clearly identify request for service by printing (at least ½ inch in height) “NEMF Guaranteed Service” or “NEMF NT Service” on the original bill of lading provided to the NEMF driver at time of pickup. The request must be placed either immediately before the name of the consignee or immediately after the consignee address.
  2. Request for service requires the mandatory use of an NEMF Guaranteed Delivery pro label that will be provided by Shipper, NEMF driver or NEMF terminal employee based on written request of service on original bill of lading (see item 1).
  3. Eligible shipments must be accepted by NEMF at origin no later than 6:00 PM of pickup date.
  4. Additional charge for service will be calculated as 25% of the net revenue based on the (*note A) paying customer’s NEMF pricing program in effect on date of shipment subject to a minimum of $100.00
  5. NEMF guarantees (*Notes B, C, D) to arrive for the delivery by the 12 Noon deadline on the NEMF Standard Service day, or the shipment will move free of all freight charges. (2:00 PM deadline on the NEMF Standard Service day for shipments destined to NY zip codes provided in NOTE E, as well as shipments consigned to the following states: NJ, MD, PA and OH) NEMF will not accept any additional liability (including but not limited to charge backs, penalties, fines, or consequential damages) for failure to deliver by the 12 Noon deadline, regardless of whether prior notice was given of such liability, and even if the liability was reasonably foreseeable.
  6. Shipments requiring Carrier services of COD collection, lift gate delivery, transfer of lading, private residence, notification prior to delivery, protective service, or extra labor are not eligible for Guaranteed delivery
  7. Separate bills of lading tendered from one shipper to the same consignee will be combined as one guaranteed shipment when any of the tendered bills of lading has requested guaranteed delivery.
  1. Paying customer determined by the payment terms as identified on the original bill of lading to which the guaranteed pro label is affixed.
  2. Guarantee is based on mandatory adherence to Items 1 and 3 of this item.
  3. Excusable non-performance – NEMF shall not be held liable for failure to perform the provisions of this item when such failure to perform is occasioned by acts of God, fire, strikes, federal and state legislation or regulations, acts of War, acts of terrorism, customs clearance, or circumstances and/or conditions beyond the control of NEMF.
  4. Guarantee does not apply to points serviced by partner carriers, cartage agents, or shipments destined to Puerto Rico.
  5. 11096, 11402, 11405 – 11408, 11410, 11413 – 11421, 11423 -11426, 11430 – 11436, 11439 -11441, 11446 -11447, 11450 – 11452, 11460, 11470, 11472, 11474, 11476, 11478, 11480, 11482, 11484, 11486, 11488, 11499, 11696 as well as shipments consigned to the following states: NJ, MD, PA and OH.
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