Import / Export

NEMF has vast experience in Consolidation / Deconsolidation. We are proud of over 23 years of impeccable performance of our dedicated drayage department for a wide variety of consolidation solutions. We create and administrate bonded facilities and have complete port clearances and document experience. We service the most port and airlines in the LTL industry. We have a live tracking feed with documentation scanning capabilities and a web based pickup option.

We work closely with varied top quality line haul providers including our sister company, Eastern Freight Ways, the highest quality truckload carrier in the Northeast. We have an assortment of locations that can handle any quantity of traffic in any direction. All of our loading and unloading operations are virtually claims free, assuring you of complete, undamaged BOLs upon arrival. We also offer partnered and shared facilities to maximize cost effectiveness. NEMF provides solutions designed according to your exact specifications.

The ONLY LTL Carrier with a dedicated Import/Export department

Air / Ocean

Import/Export Services
  • Same day air
  • Pallet exchange available
  • Ability to advance storage charges
  • Onsite direct driver communication
  • Later cut times
  • Check availability prior to pickup
  • Drayage service
  • Consolidation – Export containers
  • Deconsolidation – Import containers
Elizabeth, NJ Terminal
  • 110 door facility on 22 acres adjacent to Newark International Airport and the Port of New York/New Jersey (Elizabeth)


Ocean Import
  • Late cut times
  • Pallet exchange
  • Direct driver communication (Nextel). If needed, driver will contact you (customer) while still at the CFS
  • Check all availability prior to pickup
  • More drivers in Port than competition
Ocean Export /Air Export
  • Next day service to and from all major air and ocean ports
  • Servicing the most ports and airlines in the LTL industry
  • LTL rates for Air Freight Services
  • All personnel in our unique I/E department are fully trained in I/E documentation
Air Import
  • Messenger service to pick up your documents prior to picking up your freight at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you
  • Late cut times (3:00 pm)
  • Our own drivers in the airport every night with direct communication with the Import/Export Department and direct communication AFTER HOURS
  • The most drivers in the airport with staggered times
  • Drivers trained in air documentation
  • Drayage service
  • Consolidation-Export containers
  • Deconsolidation/Distribution-Import containers
Special Services
  • Web based pickup (option)
  • Live tracking tracing feed with documentation scanning capability
  • Dedicated Import/Export personnel
  • Latest cut times
    • 3:00 pm Ocean Import
    • 3:00 pm Air Import with documentation pickup!
  • Ocean Import -We check availability for you every day and will call you if there are any issues
  • Email: (
    • Goes into the entire department immediately
    • Ask a question and get a detailed answer within 20 minutes
    • Send your pickup in or scan your documentation to us
    • Ability to advance storage charges
    • Receive a call while the driver is at the port if there are any issues
  • Color coded dispatch communication so the dispatcher knows priority
    • Green – Regular pickup
    • Red – AM Guarantee
    • Yellow – Import/Export
Terminal Facility Locations
  • Boston, New York City/Elizabeth
  • Philadelphia, Baltimore
  • Norfolk, Miami, Chicago

Port Locations


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