New England Motor Freight provides the finest International service to the major markets of Canada. NEMF’s service reaches over 95% of the Canadian population, providing the highest on time and consistent service to all the Provinces of Canada. NEMF/Manitoulin has one of the most extensive transportation networks in North America with more than 60 Canadian terminals and 40 U.S terminals. Whenever you need the fastest most professional service to or from Canada, there is only one call to make, and that is NEMF.

Superior Transit Times

Montreal/Toronto 1 to 2 Day Transit
Winnipeg 3 Day Transit
Halifax 3 to 4 Day Transit
Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver 4 Day Transit
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Your Cross Border Carrier

“Quick Clear” Forms

NEMF/Manitoulin makes customs clearance simple and fast with just one concise form.


  • Canada Customs E-Manifest
  • Partners In Protection (PIP) Approved
  • C-TPAT Certified

Customer Service

NEMF/Manitoulin’s award winning staff provides excellent, friendly, prompt and personal service.

Bilingual Representatives

NEMF/Manitoulin has an experienced Canadian staff specializing in Import/Export.

Tracking NEMF’s enhanced website allows you to electronically track all shipments instantly.

Canadian Shipment Lifecycle

  • NEMF picks up freight.
  • Origin terminal images the BOL and all customs documents.
  • NEMF creates billing and sends EDI 204 (skeleton bill data).
  • Freight moves to Buffalo, NY or Albany, NY
  • Designated clerks verify customs docs and broker information.
  • Use the Manitoulin website (MT Direct) to locate missing broker information.
  • Complete PARS cover sheet and fax all customs docs to appropriate Canadian customs broker.
  • Load freight on Manitoulin trailers and fax trailer manifest with Manitoulin Cargo Control Numbers to Customs Help Desk in Toronto.
  • Customs Help Desk sets up E-manifest and sends cargo data to CBSA.
  • Customs Help Desk verifies broker completion of the Importer Admissibility Data.
  • NEMF prints the E-manifest in Buffalo & Albany to give to the appropriate drivers.
  • NEMF retains copies of all paperwork and fax confirmation sheets for five business days.
  • Customs Help Desk verifies clearance status and updates F11 notes for any “In Bond” shipments.
  • Manitoulin delivers all “Released” freight and begins to work on getting the In Bond shipments released.

Excellence in Motion